Ethan Engelke and Lettice Johnson’s Story

Generation Schools Blue Moon – ages 10

I, Ethan Engelke, and my friend, Lettice Johnson, would like to share with you our experience in participating in the SSF, ‘A SHAKESPHERE PLAY’.

This led us to feeling, excited, scared, fascinated, and confused! We knew we just had to be a part of this!

Before the play, we felt as though something would go wrong, like we would forget our lines, trip, get stage fright and wouldn’t go on. But when we went on stage, we felt as though we were professionals, and had been doing this for years!

Learning the lines was challenging, but we got there in the end. The lighting, props, and costumes made us feel as though were RIGHT THERE, and at the time, we WERE the people there, not in the play, but IN REAL LIFE! As though there really was a forest there, cooped up on that small but grand stage. The theatre makes you feel as though it’s a foreign place, but after a few minutes, you feel as though you’ve been there all your life. When we had to leave, we felt like staying forever, and wished we had multiple performances that night.

Thank you, Shakespeare Schools Festival, for letting us perform at the Athol Fugard! It was the best night of our lives! We hope we get to do this every single year! Because of you, we just want to be on the stage again and again!

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