Shaun Van Eyssen’s Story

Pioneer School for the visually impaired Old Boy.

SSFSA gave me a chance to prove myself, it made me more confident and bettered me as an individual.

My first year with SSFSA I played the leading role in Hamlet, as Hamlet of course and I’ve never been on a stage or performing in front of people, I was scared to say the least but once the opening scene began I felt a sense of calmness and confidence and i went up on stage and did my thing. When the play ended and everyone was on their feet I felt so proud of myself and my cast. One of the days to look back on as I get older.

Shaun van Eyssen Pioneer School: My second year with SSFSA I played the lead role again in Romeo and Juliet, which was a challenging role, more emotion. My confidence was already there and I knew what I had to do. The cast and myself were ready, we worked hard. We had some setbacks like any other cast but that only made us stronger and when the final scene of the play ended, the roar of the audience was overwhelming and myself and my cast knew that we did it again.

These two years with SSFSA were the highlight of my life.

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