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SSFSA Notice

Following the announcement from Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the 21-day National lockdown, the SSFSA team would like to ensure all our schools, teachers, student directors and learners, that our festival work will continue remotely. Our team will be preparing tutorial materials, workshop notes and video clips to be shared as supporting resources for your preparation phase of the SSFSA programme during the month of April.

We do understand that there is no clear indication if the lockdown might continue beyond the 21-day period, with this in mind we are looking at the worst-case scenario of ongoing homebound quarantine for many and will inform our participants of further plans to roll out the festival programme. At this stage, remote learning, sharing of resources and communication with our participating schools will be done via platforms such as Whatsapp, Zoom and/or Skype.

We will be accessing each school’s needs accordingly to offer the best possible support in planning your productions prior to any rehearsal period when it becomes possible. We at Educape and SSFSA are committed to giving learners quality access to the works of Shakespeare and will continue to find ways to make the universal themes within his works accessible to all.

We all know and have seen the many benefits of learners taking to the stage to perform such as; self-confidence, self-motivation, teamwork and many more. While we may be faced with the reality that taking to stage at this point may not be possible, we would like to make sure that all learners continue to feel supported when grappling with their Shakespeare set work. One of the many benefits of our festival participants is that they come out of the experience with the ability to tackle their schoolwork more confidently and achieve higher grades in English. The alternative programs that we will be putting together will focus on making sure that learners will still be able to go into their exams with full confidence!

We would like to wish everyone strength, health and to keep up your positive spirits at these times. Please feel free to reach out to us at any stage for queries, concerns, suggestions or feedback. Look after yourselves and your families,
“The course of true love never did run smooth.”
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, A Midsummer Night’s Dream