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What an experience! From the get-go, the excitement in our class was electric. Shakespeare – who would have thought that our small class of twenty-three 9-12-year-old children could pull it off.

The abridged version of the comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was perfectly pitched for this age group and the children very quickly accepted their assigned roles; got into character and we were ready for action.

The six weeks we had to prepare for the performance felt like a whirlwind, as the children rehearsed; parents made costumes and props and directors and teachers kept spirits high. The children were highly professional for their young age and worked hard at learning their lines and using the dramatic effect to create their characters. They relished the opportunity of putting on a Shakespeare production, and to top it off, at the Athol Fugard Theatre. What a privilege!

The big day arrived and the children were bursting with anticipation. Although nerves were running high, the charged energy was put to good use as the children put on the performance of their young lives. The beautiful props, costumes and expert lighting enhanced the professional performance by our young thespians. The audience burst with rapturous applause at the end which the children gratefully enjoyed.

After the performance there were both tears of joy and sadness, as the children came to terms with this being the end of an amazing experience.

We are most appreciative of the guidance, support and opportunity afforded to us by the Shakespeare Schools Festival, and to Kseniya and her team. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Athol Fugard Theatre for making their professional stage available to our young amateur actors.

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