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Since 2009, SSFSA has showcased…


The festival has built the capacity of 926 teachers as drama and performance arts directors,
167 guest and student directors and 162 volunteer directors and facilitators.
Over thirteen years the festival has attracted a combined audience of 52 238 people.

Impact on youth

Every child should feel excited and optimistic about their future. Yet children today are worried, unsettled and lack the opportunities they need to succeed. Through working with SSFSA, their confidence soars, their ambitions grow and they develop skills that help them take to whichever stage they choose in life. The Festival’s ideal is to create an environment where learner’s voices are heard, acknowledged, encouraged, challenged and respected.

“My kids are heroes! Those who don’t shine at school, shine on the stage.”

– Teacher-Director Wendy Fourie, Wynberg Boys’ Junior School

Impact on teachers

Teachers report gaining value through SSFSA as an opportunity to develop skills in directing an ensemble of up to 30 students with varying abilities, whilst simultaneously providing practical experience in spoken English to students with English as a second or additional language. Additionally, teachers reflect on improved positive and stronger connection with their students during and after the festival.

“They are more disciplined, proud of their culture, language, appreciate the performing arts, learned to appreciate and respect others and definitely teamworkers now.”

– Teacher-Director Samantha Pearce, Leiden High School

Impact on theatres

SSFSA offers a unique experience to all participants to perform on the professional stages of the local theatre. Each production is supported and guided by the theatres’ professional technical team, front of house staff and backstage crew, giving each school the opportunity to explore different occupations in the theatre industry. The festival also opens theatres to new audiences, as we welcome many new parents as they support their children’s participation in the festival, for many it is for the very first time they would experience theatre, this way SSFSA has powerful impact on the audience development.

“It was a great experience for the learners. The idea of performing on a big stage was overwhelming for them. It allowed us as educators to unearth the full potential of all our students. This has allowed even parents to value the subject of Dramatic Arts.”

– Teacher-Director John South Peninsula High School

The SSFSA is fully interactive

We provide guidance and resources through scripts, training, framework and feedback, allowing Learners and
Educators to successfully direct and perform Shakespearean plays from the first line to the final bow.

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