Our Impact

Everyone is welcome!

Since the pilot in 2009, EduCape Shakespeare Schools Festival SA (SSF SA) has grown from 20 learners during the pilot performance to approximately 1500 youth across the country in the Western Provnce, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape.

Everyone is welcome! The Festival provides a platform for equal opportunity where there are no boundaries for participation. SSF SA is a fantastic opportunity for youth seeking opportunities to explore their potential in a fun, developmental way.




South Africa’s Shakespeare Generation

We want to create a Shakespeare Generation, united by a life-changing opportunity to engage with one another across the barriers of language, background through education and community-building.



Impact on youth

The Festival offers high school students the opportunity to engage their education curriculum for the first time on a professional stage regardless of background, ability or location. This thrilling, non-competitive environment builds capacity, character and allows students to explore aptitudes in a range of work fields such as history/geography consultants; wardrobe and props advisors; student company managers; creative directors in music and art; marketing, sound and lighting, directing and various other career-shaping experiences.

I have gained important life skills: to be kind to others, to follow the rules, work together and not judge people Learner, Vista Nova HS

I saw an incredible development of confidence and courage in the students Teacher, Leap School



Impact on teachers

Teachers report gaining value through SSF SA as an opportunity to develop skills in directing an ensemble of up to 30 students with varying abilities, whilst simultaneously providing practical experience in spoken English to students with English as a second or additional language.

It was altogether an amazingly positive experience for teachers and learners alike Teacher, Parklands College



Impact on theatres

Following in the footsteps of its parent project in the UK, SSF SA opened up theatres to a new audience. As a result of SSF SA’s growing momentum, the Artscape Theatre has added the Festival to its Annual Calendar as part of their Audience and Development Programme. In Johannesburg the Festival is part of the Youth Development Department at Joburg Theatre. In 2016 we continue our partnership with the Playhouse Company in Durban, Rhodes University Theatre in Grahamstown and Somerset Playhouse in Cape Town, while we expand our horizons as far as George and Port Elizabeth.



Impact on schools & education

The Festival provides a platform for equal opportunity where there are no boundaries for participation. When Vista Nova School joined SSF SA in 2011, children with cerebral palsy, physical disabilities and other barriers to learning experienced the thrills of the stage. Centre for Science and Technology ( COSAT) in Khayelitsha participants showed exceptional courage by stepping out their comfort zones to explore themselves through the arts whilst surpassing their classmates in English during the period leading up to the Festival.

30 minute versions make Shakespeare accessible and wet the appetite for further reading – Teacher, Eden College