Donaheu Delaney’s Story

Leiden High School – Age 15

The day when I decided to participate in the Shakespeare school festival entered a new chapter in live I decided that I want to become an actor. I always look at the Television shows how children act.

Then I also decided to become one of them and to stand on a stage and talk in front of many people in a real audience…

Then I decided to take part in the SHAKESPEARCE SCHOOL FESTIVAL and to fulfil my dream and become an actor….. My drama teacher miss Samantha Pearce help me to become an actor..well I’m not an movie star but an actor for the Shakespeare Schools festival…

This festival means a lot to me…and it is very interesting to me…well it also takes hard work and dedication to become an actor… But this William Shakespeare is very interesting to me…I love the role and parts I play….

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