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Shakespeare Schools Festival is a charity. Although we raise 30% of our income through registration fees, box office sales and our shop, the organisation relies on sponsors and donors to guarantee its future. The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSF SA) is a charity run by Not-for-Profit Organisation Educape. How can YOU make a difference?



Spread the word

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, tell you friends and colleagues.Word of mouth is invaluable to us, the more awareness we raise, the better chances of networking and becoming connected to the very people who are interested in supporting our adventure in learning’



Adopt a school

Support one particular school by offering your donation to cover their registration fee and offer assistance with transport or food. This way we can extend our outreach program and bring together more of South Africa’s undiscovered talent from less fortunate schools, to share the stage and experience what it’s like to live your dream.



Sponsor an Outstanding learner

As we roll out the Pilot programme for SA learners to take part in the UK festival, we wish to sponsor particular learners to travel to UK who’s contribution to Drama deserves to be recognised. Read more about our SSF SA in London programme here.
Read more here.



Become a GivenGain activist

Build a profile for yourself as an activist on GivenGain by clicking on the following link and simply donate to our cause directly.


South Africa’s youth are our country’s future – thank you for being a catalyst of life-changing opportunities!